Water Treatment Review (16 hours)
Continuing Education
Water Treatment Review (16 hours)
Source Water Review, Coagulation and Flocculation Review, Sedimentation Review, Filtration Review, Disinfection Review, Corrosion Control Review, Fluoridation Review, Iron and Manganese Control Review, Lime Softening Review, Regulations Review,...
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Course content
  • Source Water Review
    • Source Water Overview
    • Handout
    • Lecture
    • Quiz
  • Coagulation and Flocculation Review
  • Sedimentation Review
  • Filtration Review
  • Disinfection Review
  • Corrosion Control Review
  • Fluoridation Review
  • Iron and Manganese Control Review
  • Lime Softening Review
  • Regulations Review
  • Membrane Technology Review
  • Water Treatment Review (16 hours) - Course Evaluation