California Grade T4 Water Treatment Operator Exam Prep
A course will be available for 182 days upon enrollment
Exam Prep

California Grade T4 Water Treatment Operator Exam Prep

Get your T4 license, get FREE Contact Hours & build your career as a water professional!

Pass your California T4 Water Treatment Operator Certification exam the first time with our guaranteed exam prep system.  Plus, receive a Bonus 32 FREE Contact hours recognized by California for your license renewal.  A $299 value!

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Courses Included

    • Lesson How to get the most out of your course

    • Lesson Resource Handouts

    • Lesson Unit Conversions

      Unit Conversions
    • Lesson Working with Formulas

    • Lesson Understanding Percentages

    • Lesson Calculating Area

    • Lesson Calculating Volume

    • Lesson Weight-Volume Relationships

    • Lesson Force-Pressure-Head

    • Lesson Velocity and Flow Rate

    • Lesson Pumps

    • Lesson The Metric System

    • Lesson Problem Solving

    • Lesson Flow Problems

    • Lesson Chemical Dose Problems

    • Lesson Source Water Review

    • Lesson Reservoir Problems

    • Lesson Coagulation and Flocculation Review

    • Lesson Coagulation and Flocculation Problems

    • Lesson Sedimentation Review

    • Lesson Sedimentation Problems

    • Lesson Filtration Review

    • Lesson Filtration Problems

    • Lesson Disinfection Review

    • Lesson Disinfection Problems

    • Lesson Pumps and Motors

    • Lesson Electricity

    • Lesson Corrosion Control Review

    • Lesson Fluoridation Review

    • Lesson Iron and Manganese Control Review

    • Lesson Lime Softening Review

    • Lesson Regulations Review

    • Lesson Membrane Technology Review

    • Lesson Aeration Review

    • Lesson Adsorption Review

    • Lesson Laboratory Review

    • Lesson Laboratory Problems

    • Lesson Treatment Plant Chemicals Review

    • Lesson Management Principles Review

    • Lesson Practice Tests