Utility Supervision and Leadership
A course will be available for 182 days upon enrollment
Leads to certification with duration:
1 year
Certificate Programs

Utility Supervision and Leadership

This program provides you with a study of planning and management skills required of utility supervisors and managers. Course material consists of video lectures, lesson quizzes, and lesson projects.

The Utility Supervision & Leadership Certificate Program includes 3 online modules.  Students will receive a certificate upon completing each module as well as an overall certificate after completing all 3 modules.  This program can be combined with the Utility Planning & Management Program to receive a certificate in Effective Utility Management from California State University, Fresno.

This certificate program is made up of the following 3 classes:

  • Basic Utility Supervision & Leadership
  • Intermediate Utility Supervision & Leadership
  • Advanced Utility Supervision & Leadership

Courses Included

    • Lesson Lesson 1: Leadership Development

      Today's climate demands leadership at every level of an organization.  Leadership is defined by some as a combination of attributes and results.  This lesson will explore the key attributes you should focus on to improve your leadership ability.
    • Lesson Lesson 2: Performance Management

      Performance management can be defined as planning work, setting expectations, and monitoring the behaviors and results of employees. The effectiveness of an organization in terms of whether or not it is meeting its mission or goals can be determined by engaging in the performance management process.  This lesson will give you an overview of how to implement a performance management program in your organization.
    • Lesson Lesson 3: Leading Change and Transition

      Change is a constant in every organization.  This lesson will give you tools you can use to implement changes more smoothly in your organization with better acceptance by your staff.  You will also gain an understanding of how change affects your employees psychologically to help you better manage the change and transition process.
    • Lesson Lesson 4: Resolving Conflict

      Conflict is defined as a difference of wants, needs, or expectations.  The workplace is filled with people who have differences of wants, needs, and expectations.  Naturally, the conflict will occur.  If managed correctly, these conflicts can be opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and improvement.  This lesson will give you a process for managing and resolving conflict.
    • Lesson Lesson 5: Leading High-Performance Teams

      A team is a group of people formed to achieve a goal.  Team building is an organized effort to improve team effectiveness. For most of us, teamwork is part of everyday life.  We are often expected to be a functioning member of a team.  Having a strong team will benefit any organization and will lead to success.  This lesson will give you tools you can use to create, develop, and lead a high-performing team.